I’ll keep this short and sweet, this is my first proper blog post!

I thought I’d share the tech stack I used for this website as I decided to venture away from a heavyweight Wordpress CMS that I experimented with a while ago.

I found Hugo!

Hugo is a super intelligent, insanely rapid static site generator. There is no DB, no content management frontends, no complex setups - it’s raw MarkDown. It integrates very well with several hosting providers (including Github Pages). I have used Netlify as they provide a very easy-to-use continuous deployment workflow straight out of a Github repository. Hugo/Netlify has very well written documentation and I’m almost certain you don’t need to be technically advanced at all to get up and running.

I had this blog up and running in 3 hours without any prior knowledge about Hugo or Netlify.

My main objective with this blog is to thoughtfully brain dump information about things I’m working on. This includes DevOps stacks (Terraform, Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes), Development in Python and Kotlin, and R3’s blockchain technology, Corda.

I hope this blog will be of use to you!

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.